AGB Group






AGB GROUP SRL is a homogenous group that operates in various sectors and offers customers a variety of products and services. 

The activities of AGB GROUP SRL are made possible by the work of in-house staff and external consultants, as well as partner companies.

 AGB GROUP SRL is aware that the authority of a company is recognised not only by the competence of its staff and the high quality of the service provided to customers,but also by the attention paid to the needs of the entire community.

 The principles that have always been part of the corporate culture of AGB GROUP SRL are required to abide by in conducting business,are formally summarised in this Code of Ethical Self-Regulation, in the belief that reliability is built on a daily basis by respecting the rules and valuing people. 

The objective of AGB GROUP SRL is therefore to pursue excellence in the market in which it operates and to expand into other business areas,guaranteeing at all times the observance of behaviour that respects Social Ethics,translating the appreciation of the values that characterise,the way the company operates into a competitive advantage,so as to ensure added value for the Employee,for the Customer and, in general,for the Community. 



The Code of Ethics illustrates the set of ethical and moral principles that underpin the activities of AGB GROUP SRL, as well as the lines of conduct adopted by the company both internally and externally. It is therefore addressed to the managers,shareholders and all employees of the AGB GROUP SRL,as well as to those who work,permanently or temporarily,on behalf of Group companies. 

The Code defines the rules of conduct to be observed in the performance of professional activities and provides guidelines to be followed in relations with colleagues and in relations with customers,suppliers and partners,with other companies,with Public institutions and the community. 

Respect for these principles is of fundamental importance to achieve the corponate mission of AGB GROUP SRL and to ensure its reputation in the Code to all recipients,who comply with its contents,and to prepare every possible instrument that favours its full application. 



I rapporti e i comportamenti, a tutti i livelli aziendali, devono essere improntati a principi di onestà, correttezza, trasparenza, riservatezza, imparzialità, diligenza, lealtà e reciproco rispetto, nonché essere aperti alla verifica e basati su informazioni corrette e complete. 

I. Compliance with Laws 

AGB GROUP SRL operates in absolute compliance with any law and,in general,with any local,national or international regulations applicable in Italy and in any other country in which it operates,and is aware that the adoption of and compliance with ethical principles is an essential element in the prevention of offences.

 The managers and employees of AGB GROUP SRL,as well as those who interact with the same in various capacities,are required,within the scope of their respective competences,to know and comply with the regulations,and therefore to be constantly updated on legislative developments.

III. Loyalty and Fidelity 

AGB GROUP maintains a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty with each of its emloyees.Relations between the Company's collaborators (employees,external professionals.etc..) and betweeen the latter and third parties are characterised by the utmost loyalty,which consists in being faithful to one's word and agreements,acting responsibly,valuing and protecting the Company's assets, and applying an attitude of good faith in all activies or decisions.

 Recipients are committed to fair competition,in compliance with national and EU regulations,in the awareness that virtuous competition can be an incentive for innovation and development processes, protecting the interests of consumers and the community. 

III. Confidentiality 

AGB GROUP SRL undertakes to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the personal data of recipients and various stakeholders, in compliance with all applicable data protection regulations. 

The principle of confidentiality therefore consists in the scrupulous absention from disclosing company (technical,logistical,strategic,economic) and personal data. Therefore, unless they are already in the public domain, it is forbidden to use,disclose or communicate without authorisation the aforementioned know-how,information and data for purposes outside the performance of one's own activity or for personal gain or the benefit of third parties. Pertanto, salvo che non siano già di pubblico dominio, è vietato utilizzare, divulgare o comunicare senza autorizzazione il know-how, le informazioni e i dati sopra citati per fini esterni allo svolgimento della propria attività o per trarne un vantaggio personale o a favore di terzi. 


 Respect for inviolable human rights is essential. Therefore, AGB GROUP promotes and defends these risghts in all circumstances, protecting the moral integrity of individuals and guaranteeing equal opportunities. In external and internal relations, all forms of discrimination based on gender,ethnicity,language,religious and political beliefs and other social and personal conditions are repudiated. 

V.Occupational Health and Safety

 In full compliance with current legislation on accident prevention and the prevention of occupational diseases, AGB GROUP supports the culture of safety in the workplace,promoting responsible behaviour on the part of employees and providing adequate accident prevention tools to project the health of personnel. 

Every activity of the individual employee shall be oriented towards scrupulous compliance with and safeguarding of these rules, as well as observance of all measures provided for by internal procedures and regulations.

 The addressees of the Code, within the scope of their duties, participate in the process of risk prevention with regard to themselves,their colleagues and third parties. 



 I rapporti tra AGB GROUP SRL e I suoi clienti sono basati sulla disponibilità, sulla professionalità e sull’onestà, oltre che sui principi generali del Codice. 

Customer satisfaction is an essential element, therefore AGB GROUP SRL uses procedures and tools to monitor and assess the level of such satisfaction,always offering clear feedback to any observations, requests and complaints from customers.

 AGB GROUP SRL pursues technological innovation in its business to anticipate market demands and meet different needs: to this end, it dedicates adequate resources to the study and development of new techniques and solutions. The company also guarantees the safety of products supplied to customers, ensuring scrupuluos compliance with all regulatory and technical standards and the implementation of appropriate control procedures. 

AGB GROUP SRL carefully assesses the feasibility of the services requested by customers,refraining from making contractual commitments that could put it the position of resorting to savings on the quality of and services offered. The company is therefore committed to ensuring levels of product quality and safety that will last over time.



Relations with suppliers are based on loyalty,objectivity,competence, transparency and fairness, in compliance with the revelant internal procedures and applicable regulations. Suppliers are chosen on the basis of objective criteria of cost-effectiveness, expediency and efficiency. The choice of suppliers on purely subjective and personal grounds, or by virtue of interests conflicting with those of the company, is precluded. 

Suppliers are required: comply with applicable laws,customs to the principles of this Code of Ethics; to comply with current labour regulations, with particular attention to the provision of the law on health and satefy; not to support illegal associations in any way, either directly or indirectly; to guarantee respect for the human rights of workers. 



 Employees and collaborators of AGB GROUP SRL are all those who have, in the form provided for by law,a working or collaborative relationship with the company, a relationship aimed at achieving the purposes of the company. AGB GROUP SRL favours a working environment where the dignity of each individual is protected and interpersonal relations are bases on respect, honesty, fairness and collaboration. 

Managers and employees,in the performance or their respective activities and transparency are a fundamental tool for achieving these goals. 

Employees and collaborators perform their respective services with diligence,efficiency,honesty and fairness, making the best use of the time and tools as their disposal and assuming the related responsibilities, in particular,they undertake not to use for personal purposes information,goods and equipment at their disposal in the performance of their function,task or assignment. 



Relations with institutions and the Public Administration,Bodies,Associations, Political Organisations and Trade Unions are inspired by the principles of impartiality and independence,are reserved to the competent corporate functions, in the utmost compliance with current legislation and marked by loyalty,correctness and transparency. 

In relation with public institutions, authorises recipients shall adhere to the highest levels of fairmess and integrity,refraining from any form of pressure aimed at obtaining any undue advantage for themselves or for AGB GROUP SRL

 In this regard.authorised recipients shall strictly comply with the provisions of this Code,as well as,more generally, with the provisions of AGB GROUP SRL regulations.



 The internal control system is implemented throught the set of tools and procedures necessary to direct, manage and verify the activities of AGB GROUP SRL, orienting them towards the achievement of corporate objectives and risk prevention. The responsibility for the proper functioning of the internal control system is referred to all the addressees of the Code, within the scope of the functions performed.

The company adopts appropriate initiatives to disseminate knowledge of the Code to all its managers,employees,collaborators,suppliers and stakeholders in general and ensures adequate communication channels to receive reports of any violations on the application of the Code.